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Làm thế nào để chuyển đổi MKV sang OGG

  1. Chọn tệp video của bạn
  2. Chờ kiên nhẫn cho đến khi video được tải lên
  3. Chọn cài đặt video, âm thanh và nén thích hợp
  4. Click vào Chuyển đổi để chuyển đổi MKV của bạn thành tập tin OGG
  5. Nhấp vào Tải xuống

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I have to create an account to use the converter?

    Our website does not require you to sign up or create an account. The platform is absolutely free and you can compress as many files as you want.

  • What is video bitrate?

    Bitrate refers to the amount of data transferred at any given time. A higher transfer speed means more data passes through, and a higher bitrate provides a better-quality video. Simply put, the higher the bitrate the better is the quality of your video. This doesn’t mean you can go overboard with it. Higher bitrate also means higher buffering time. So, it will all depend on your requirement. Bitrate is measured in bits per second(bps). Since bits are lesser values, we use terms like kilobits, megabits, gigabits, depending on the usage. With MKV to OGG converter you can select your own bitrate, at which you want your videos to be processed. The default measurement is kilobits per second. AVI to OGG converter allows you to choose encoding speed i.e., the speed at which you want to convert the video and save it for download. The encoding speeds available with MKV to OGG converter are ultrafast, superfast, very fast, faster, Fast, medium, slow, slower, very slow.

  • What is video encoder?

    Video encoding is a process done to make video files smaller through compression. It is done to convert analogue recordings into digital and to make videos that you would play on the internet. The tools used for video file compression and playback are known as “codecs”. There are many codecs available such as H.264, MPEG-2, VP9, WMV, HEVC and Quicktime. A video may be compressed using different codecs and if you don’t have software that is not capable of playing the video of that codec, the playback fails. At MKV to OGG converter you can find the two best different codecs available, H.264 and MPEG4.

  • Will I be charged to use the website?

    Our website is absolutely free and you can use it as many times as you want. There is no free trial uses, after which you will have to pay for using our services. We won't charge you anything.

  • Can I Extract Audio from my video files on this platform?

    Yes, MKV to OGG converter has an Extract Audio feature with which you can extract the audio from your video files. After uploading your file, you need to select the file format in which you want your audio, and the audio quality. After selecting the desired output format and audio quality, you can extract the audio. The file formats available are MP3 and ACC. The available audio qualities are 48k. 64k, 80k, 96k, 128k, 256k, and 320k. We also have a feature to remove the audio from the video completely.

  • Will my uploaded files be saved on the server?

    Our website works on cloud server and does not save your files. Your files will be completely safe with you, after you have converted your file.

  • What video encoder should I choose?

    The best video codec is H.264. Almost every device that exists supports this codec and it is the most commonly used codec. You can watch H.264 encoded videos on laptops, smartphones, desktops, smart TVs, tablets, gaming consoles and almost every other device which supports video formats. MPEG4 has a slower compression rate as compared to H.264. The image quality and playback are more fluent for files encoded with H.264 encoder. It also has a small file size as compared to MPEG4. Videos are made by multiple still photos taken and projected onto a screen, per second. Frame rate or frames per second is the speed at which pictures are shown in a second. For a normal motion picture 24 frames per second is the standard rate. It means 24 pictures are shown within a second, which looks like a video.

  • Does it support both Android and iOS platforms?

    Yes, our website works on browser, and therefore supports both iOS and Android platforms

  • What are the resolutions available and what will be size of the file of different resolutions?

    MKV to OGG converter provides all the standard resolutions i.e., 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p and 144p. Keep in mind that a higher resolution file size will be more than a file with a lower resolution. The size of the file will also depend on the length of the video, the resolution, the aspect ratio and the CRF values. AVI to OGG converter allows you to choose the quality of the video as per your requirement. If you want high-quality video, you can choose a higher resolution and the file size will be bigger. But if you care about the size of the file and can compromise in the size then chose a lesser resolution.

  • What are the video framerate?

    With MKV to OGG converter, you can select the frame rate which you want, according to your need. The frame rates available with us are 24 fps, 30 fps and 60 fps and custom, in which you can type in your desired frame rate. 24 fps are ideal if you want a cinematic look, 30 fps for TV and live sports and 60 fps is ideal for walking videos, blowing candles etc.

  • How long will it take to upload my video?

    The time taken to upload your video for converting depends on the size of your video. Better quality videos with higher resolution will take more time to upload as compared to low-quality videos with lesser resolution. It also depends on the type of video you want to convert. The larger the size of the video, the longer it will take.

  • What are the encoding speeds?

    MKV to OGG converter allows you to choose encoding speed i.e., the speed at which you want to convert the video and save it for download. The encoding speeds available with MKV to OGG converter are ultrafast, superfast, very fast, faster, Fast, medium, slow, slower, very slow. The slower the speed the better is the compression. MKV to OGG converter provides a wide range of encoding speeds according to varying needs of our users and ensures to provide the best quality videos for each edit made by the user.

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Details of MKV and OGG file format

Format MKV OGG
Short Name MKV OGG
Full Name Matroska Video File Ogg Vorbis Audio File
Category Video file Audio file
Pros Very flexible. Has lossy as well as lossless option. Well documented. Non-proprietary. Addition of metadata is allowed. Up to 255 channels can be stored in an OGG file. Surround sound is stored. Enables you to save both audio and video. The OGG format has a higher quality. OGG has a superior labelling system.
Cons There is currently no standalone hardware player that can play MKV files. Larger file size. Still under developing. Not supported by all devices, or applications. Many OS don't support OGG. Battery consumption is greater.
Created by Matroska Xiph.Org
Created in 2002 1997
Basic information A video file saved in the Matroska multimedia container format is known as an MKV file. It can handle a variety of audio and video codecs, including.SRT,.SSA,.USF (Universal Subtitle Format), and VobSub subtitles. Short video clips, TV shows, and movies are commonly stored as MKV files. An OGG file is a compressed audio file that uses Ogg Vorbis audio compression, which is free and unpatented. It's comparable to an MP3 file, except it sounds better than an MP3 file of equal size, and it may include song metadata such as creator and track info. Several software music players, as well as some portable music players, handle OGG files.
Detailed information The Matroska Multimedia Container (MKV) is an open and free standard for video data storage. The file can contain an unlimited number of audio, video, image, and subtitle tracks, making it a handy way to save movies, full TV programmes, and more. The user can jump to all of the different data tracks in the raw format. It's comparable to the.AVI,.ASF, and.MOV formats in that it may have a variety of video, audio, image, and subtitle tracks. Matroska Video files are multimedia files that use the Matroska container format to store one or more video tracks and are identified by the.mkv file extension. The MKV format, which is commonly used to save short video snippets, TV series, and movies, has gained popularity among anime fansubbers. Many of these users add subtitles, and the MKV format is particularly handy because it allows for several audio and subtitle tracks to be combined in one file. The Ogg container is a file format for storing audio data. The name "Vorbis" refers to an encoding technique developed by Xiph.Org, the same company that created Ogg. Other methods of audio compression, such as FLAC and Speex, may be present in OGG files. Nevertheless, because they use a different compression algorithm, these files cannot be legally referred to as "Vorbis" files. It enables users to view and edit high-resolution digital multimedia files. The term "Ogg" comes from the jargon term "ogging." In the game Netrek, ogging refers to a suicide run that kills a carrier. The OGG extension was once used to describe any file that used the OGG container format, but it was only used for Ogg Vorbis audio files after 2007. The OGG extension can be used to refer to an audio file, but it can also be used to refer to a container file.
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